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Warum Aquatica?


Solid Surface

25 year warranty

Lucite Acrylic

Graphite black

Body Position App

With a simple scroll you can see what it would be like to sit in our bathtubs. Choose your favorite model and see how you would fit in.


Each Aquatica's custom project has its very own unique characteristics, including the selection of material, shapes, colors and the technology.

Customer Photos

We know that fancy photoshoots are impressive, but there is nothing better than the final result. Check out what our customers have done so far, one day your bathroom will be here too!

Doorstep delivery


30 day returns

Support in case of issues with carriers



Not just basic customer service, but trained staff ready to help you from the initial enquiry until the product is installed.

Beautiful & practical designs

We excel with at creating and bringing to the market refreshing and practical designs that are fun to use. In addition to our designs, we also sell products designed by such renowned international designers like Marc Sadler and Karim Rashid.


You can visit our showroom in Miami where we showcase most of our products.

Made in EU

The high quality of Aquatica bathtubs is achieved by Europe-based advanced manufacturing facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, as well as production staff expertise.

No middlemen

Conventional, multi-step distribution with retailers typically involves a number of middlemen between the manufacturing process and the ultimate customer. Aquatica is a vertically integrated company that manufactures, distributes and retails its own products; meaning that no agents or middlemen tack on their costs. Our obsession with innovation, competence and efficiency means we cut out many of these middlemen, and deliver exceptional products and fantastic service at unrivaled value.

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Aquatica Bad

Eine Aquatica Badewanne reicht nicht aus, um das zu beschreiben, was wir bei Aquatica herstellen. Alle Badewannen werden mit Freude entworfen. Alle Badewannen sind von der Natur inspiriert und es entstehen den Körper umschmeichelnde Formen. Für ein perfektes Badeerlebnis fügen wir dann innovative Technologie und moderne Funktionen hinzu.

Alle Aquatica Badewannen werden von Meisterhand gefertigt aus einer der beiden modernen Stein- und Polymer- Mineral-Mischungen, welche den Anmut von Stein mit modernen Haltbarkeit vereinen. Das Sortiment umfasst auch eine Reihe von qualitativ hochwertigen gehärteten 100% Acrylbadewannen, welche absolute Hygiene, makellose Farbe und Finish bieten.